January 27, 2013


I love the snow! Well, let me rephrase that. I love the snow as it's falling, whilst I can photograph it undisturbed and especially during Christmas. Once it's here and I have to walk through it day after day, trudging and slipping, mopping and drying floors and shoes, struggling with 4 pairs of socks and trying to pull my boots off with no help then you can keep it! When it's melting and it's all slushy and dirty it's disgusting! 

But... I do love snow! 

Yeah you believe me ;)

A n y w a y . . . here are a few pics I took over the last week or so.

Ok... more than a 'few'. The last one is Ethan and George playing. This was SO cute. George was purring because he could see Ethan playing in the back yard; he ADORES Ethan! Ethan then started throwing snow around and ended up throwing snowballs at the window and George was trying to catch them. He was purring and meowing... super cute!


January 18, 2013

Wool Winder

After receiving a gift certificate for Christmas (thank you very much again) I just HAD to buy for my crochet addiction. I decided on a wool winder, I was a little dubious at first as to whether it was worth it or not. I soon found out. It's GREAT! 

OK, so wool is already wound right? Well yes, in a fashion. Once in a project I am forever yanking on the ball of wool to loosen some free whilst watching the rest of the ball roll off into the middle of the room so then I have to get up and fetch it. This is a real pain when you're concentrating. When I have hooks, needles, stitch markers, notepads, pens etc. balanced all around me on the sofa.

The wool winder is a marvellous piece of equipment that allows you to re-wind it. The ball of wool is then compacted and the wool then feeds from the inside of the ball instead of the outside, therefore preventing the ball taking a walk around the lounge; usually closely followed by a cat (or two in my case).


This is how the wool looks when I buy it...

This is how it looks after being rewound...


This is what I've done so far...

It's really quite addicting! I have quite a few more balls to wind yet but once they're done it's going to leave me SO much space in my storage cupboard that I might have to buy some more!! WIN WIN!

If anyone has any doubts about buying one, I would say YES! Go for it :) 


January 12, 2013

Manners cost nothing

Well it's a hot honey and lemon tea day today. There are so many germs going around and working with the public doesn't help.  This has been coming on for a few days with various mild symptoms; so the medication has already commenced!

I'm am sometimes amazed and completely bewildered by the complete disregard that people have towards others. Adults that cough and sneeze without a thought of covering their nose and mouth; spreading their infectious germs. It's a scary epidemic when you think about it. Their parents either didn't try or just didn't try hard enough to teach them proper manners.  They will probably have children, if they haven't already, and do the same to them and so on and so on.

I grew up with the knowledge that manners cost nothing, how true.  It was also great to hear as a parent how well-mannered my own children were when they were young. Yet we suffer due to the ignorant and inconsiderate. 

Rant over. Time for work!

January 10, 2013

Birthday owl

This lil lady was made for my boss' birthday today. 
It's my favourite so far and she loved it! I especially like the big flower button I used, it's surprising what you can pick up on a market stall.

January 2, 2013

Girlie Owl

Oops, I did it again...

Pattern from HERE


I'm SO loving my owls! I think I have an addiction now. Here's my latest creation; an 18" diameter cushion
I found the pattern HERE. I've just got to find a nice plump filler for it now, so hoping my friends at 'Sew-in' will help me!


.... right, now to finish off my next owl. Brb!

x ☺ x

January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

My 2012 review.....

  • A New Year's rebate check from the electricity company allowed us to get ourselves a new flat screen TV and an Xbox.
  • I attempted Slimming World 'again' but didn't stick to it 'again', so I'm still where I was a year ago weight-wise.
  • My 2nd eldest son, Jordan, turned 18. Also Brandon turned 14 and Ethan 10.

  • A devastating month that we're still not over. Our beloved Chester was killed. We miss him all the time, he was a legend!! ♥

  • I FINALLY learned to crochet, very pleased with myself and I've hardly stopped since!
  • My Godfather, Uncle Don, passed away :(
  • Baby Pollyanna was born.

  • My great-nephew, Cole, had his first birthday.

  • We had the Queen's Jubilee.
  • Gavin and I celebrated our 6th Wedding Anniversary ♥ 
  • I hadn't had a cigarette for a whole year!!
  • Baby Jake had his 1st birthday.

  • Jack and George moved in with us!
  • I got a job!!

  • Brandon started Lady Manners School.
  • I attempted Slimming World 'again' but didn't stick to it 'again', although I am a stone less this time!

  • After 25 years of back pain, I finally found out the cause... just waiting for relief from the pain now!

There hasn't been a whole lot of good this year, it has been fairly stressful to be honest.  I'm ready for a New Year, well I was until I got up this morning, the TV is on the fritz! Hope it's not the start of the year to come :| But seriously, I am SO ready for a few positive things to come our way in 2013.

As I was looking through last year's calendar (to make this post) I became aware of the number 13. Gavin, Cole and Jake were all born on the 13th. Jack and George came to live with us on the 13th also, so I'm hoping it's going to be a good year!

Happy New Year to my followers; I hope 2013 is good to you!