January 18, 2013

Wool Winder

After receiving a gift certificate for Christmas (thank you very much again) I just HAD to buy for my crochet addiction. I decided on a wool winder, I was a little dubious at first as to whether it was worth it or not. I soon found out. It's GREAT! 

OK, so wool is already wound right? Well yes, in a fashion. Once in a project I am forever yanking on the ball of wool to loosen some free whilst watching the rest of the ball roll off into the middle of the room so then I have to get up and fetch it. This is a real pain when you're concentrating. When I have hooks, needles, stitch markers, notepads, pens etc. balanced all around me on the sofa.

The wool winder is a marvellous piece of equipment that allows you to re-wind it. The ball of wool is then compacted and the wool then feeds from the inside of the ball instead of the outside, therefore preventing the ball taking a walk around the lounge; usually closely followed by a cat (or two in my case).


This is how the wool looks when I buy it...

This is how it looks after being rewound...


This is what I've done so far...

It's really quite addicting! I have quite a few more balls to wind yet but once they're done it's going to leave me SO much space in my storage cupboard that I might have to buy some more!! WIN WIN!

If anyone has any doubts about buying one, I would say YES! Go for it :)