January 27, 2013


I love the snow! Well, let me rephrase that. I love the snow as it's falling, whilst I can photograph it undisturbed and especially during Christmas. Once it's here and I have to walk through it day after day, trudging and slipping, mopping and drying floors and shoes, struggling with 4 pairs of socks and trying to pull my boots off with no help then you can keep it! When it's melting and it's all slushy and dirty it's disgusting! 

But... I do love snow! 

Yeah you believe me ;)

A n y w a y . . . here are a few pics I took over the last week or so.

Ok... more than a 'few'. The last one is Ethan and George playing. This was SO cute. George was purring because he could see Ethan playing in the back yard; he ADORES Ethan! Ethan then started throwing snow around and ended up throwing snowballs at the window and George was trying to catch them. He was purring and meowing... super cute!