October 31, 2012

Christmas is close!

My first Christmas crochet! Two lil stockings heading for Jake and Polly down under xx

Baby goodies

Something else for the new baby :)

My first proper blanket :)

It started with one...then a few more...

Then finally... a cosy little blanket for my new niece/nephew due next year!! ♥

Hallowe'en 2012

This is Ethan in his Hallowe'en dress up for 2012.  I didn't dress up again this year but we did go out Trick or Treating and he ended up with a nice bag of goodies once again.
The green Rice Krispie traybake I made for my Trick or Treaters has almost gone so it's a hit all round, just a few left for the kids at home ;)

Let me introduce Jack and George!

Jack and George are our new kittens! Well we've had them almost 3 months now. 
This is a picture of them before they moved in...
...aren't they the cutest?!!

This is them once they'd settled in here; exploring the porch...
They do a lot of things together...

...and this is them just a few days ago...

They are adorable, a serious handful, but adorable nonetheless. 
They are now 5 months and 10 days old and having VERY different characters. 

George (the tabby) is a little skittish and quite contrary at times, he is like a little Prince at times. He is only just finding his voice too, doesn't really meow much and tends to only purr for Ethan; he is obsessed with Ethan!!
 Jack (black) on the other hand is your average, stand alone 'moggy'! He is easily pleased in all aspects of his life so far.  He's a big of a goofball too.  He doesn't think things through very well before he does anything which usually ends in a clatter and bang and him bolting at 50 M.P.H out of a room and scaring the life outta George on the way...LOL!

There will be lots more 'kitty' updates and pictures.

Zingy, Perry and Ursula

'Zingy' the EDF Energy Mascot, Perry the Platypus and Ursula the Ugly Duckling :)

Four li'l cuties



Gretel the Zombie, Morris the Monkey
Strawberry 'Hello Kitty' and Petunia Bunny

(Gretel and Morris have now emigrated to Adelaide, South Australia)

Two of my favourites

Hermione the Unicorn

Sammie the Psychedelic Cat

Blue bear (and George)

Love these!


Back in the game...

I've not posted on here for quite a while and have decided that I need to do something about it!
I'm kinda getting bored with Facebook and my Crochet Characters Facebook page so I figured this would be an ideal place to post instead. 

First thing is first, I have a lot of crocheted projects finished that I haven't posted on here so I'll begin by doing that.  I also have two new additions to the family that I haven't introduced yet either. 

I know I have a few 'lurkers' watching my blog, I would love it if you signed up so I could see you though, that way you can comment too if you feel like it... anyway, your choice.  Thanks for being here anyhow and I'll try and keep up this time :p