May 31, 2012

A little project

I have decided that when I'm looking for something quick and easy to make I'm going to make little hats for premature babies.
I was reading a blog the other day and the mother of a preemie was saying how grateful she was of the donated items she used for her newborn baby, she was born 13 weeks early! Now this baby was tiny and was a wearing a delightful little crocheted hat; the only thing some can wear because of tubes and wires.

This is my first and I'm quite chuffed with it :)

Forced creativity

Lookie what I made!

Completely my own design, kinda nice isn't it?

I say that this was forced creativity as my laptop was otherwise engaged. It was having an overhaul, replacing my dusty XP with the new shiny Windows 7. Anyway I had to find something else to do and this is the result! 

May 27, 2012

Super impressed with this!

Well I am super impressed with the result of my first Angry Bird! 

It was a little tricky at times but well worth it.  The eyebrows were supposed to be black felt glued on, but 'glued on' items very often fall off so I decided to ad lib and crochet my own.  
Don't the eyes look good? I knew they'd make a big difference rather than sewing my own on.

Yes, I definitely love this!Photobucket

May 23, 2012

About time!

It's currently 25°C. Believe me, this is very good for us!

May 22, 2012

I have eyes!

Finally my eyes have arrived! My safety eyes for my Amigurumi projects Photobucket

It would have been nice to know that they were coming all the way from bloody Hong Kong though, then I wouldn't have been wondering why the hell they hadn't arrived in almost 2 weeks. 

Now they should look a little less... 'newbie'.

May 20, 2012

New family members...

Here's my latest additions to my Amigurumi family! Made with my brand new crochet hooks! ♥

On the left is a 'Takochu'.  These are little Japanese characters, you can see more HERE.

On the right is a little guy called 'I love you dude'.  I found this pattern online and decided to give it a bash; rather cute isn't he?

May 18, 2012

Culprit found!

Big hugs to my fab sister-in-law Kylie! Thanks again for my wonderful new pressie; I love it ♥

They are fab, brilliant quality and came in a purple leather case - my favourite colour btw.

Now when I look at a pattern I'll have the right size hook to use, with no compromises!

Anonymous gifter please stand up!

So I'm sitting here this afternoon and the post is delivered.  There's a parcel for me... YAY, my eyes have arrived (safety eyes for crochet toys, don't panic!), although this packet is a bit bigger and heavier than I thought it would be.  Hmmmm... not my eyes.

What is it? Photobucket

It's a brand new set of metal crochet hooks that I wanted!!! I am SO happy!!
Thank you SO much, what a wonderful and generous thing to do ♥ Photobucket

I think I know who's responsible but I do need you to fess up so I can thank you properly Photobucket

I knew I'd find you one day ♥

How I met the love of my life...

Feb 2002 was the first time I stumbled across a little corner of the internet called Quiz 'til Eternity a.k.a. QTE.  It was a small internet community that ran quizzes in their chat room.  I'd not had the internet very long so all was very new and at times quite scary; there are some REALLY odd people out there! Anyway, I'd clicked on this and clicked on that and then poof, I was in this quiz room.  Everyone was really pleasant and greeted me like an old friend, I didn't stay long as I felt a little overwhelmed at first.
Running along side the scheduled daily quizzes ran an MSN forum where games were played, conversations took place and a generally fun place to be, to which I became quite attached.  Everyday I was there without fail! I made so many friends; more friends than I'd had in a long time and all of a sudden life was fun again.

Over the weeks and months I gelled with lots of QTE members with whom I would speak to outside of QTE via MSN Messenger.  There was Foxy Roxy (Teri) and Diamond Geezer (Dave) who were the creators of QTE. They were also a couple which I found strange at first as Teri lived in Vegas and Dave was here in the UK... I was still getting used to the whole World Wide Web thingamajig.  There was Pebbs (Alison), Rudo (Alan), Pooh (Corinne), Kika (Michelle), Daz and Persil (twins Penny and Pat) and last but definitely not least  TheSeeker (Gavin), just to name a few.

Now if someone had told me that it was possible to fall in love with someone that you had never met in person I must admit I would have been a tad sceptical.  From the end of 2003 Gavin and I spoke most days on Messenger, we had become really good friends.  By March 2004 we could barely go 12 hours without speaking to each other; by this time we were using a headset and microphone to converse and a webcam to see each other.  

OK, so we had one big wall in our way now.  Gavin was in Australia and I was here in the 'ills o' Derbyshire.  There was no way I could go over there so he had to come here, this was a decision not to be taken lightly and was rather harrowing at times and ultimately Gavin's decision. 

Then... On May 18th 2004, eight years ago today, Gavin informed me that he had made his decision to come over to England to meet me.  I was elated to say the least!! 

So May 18th is the anniversary of when our relationship became 'official'.  August 16th 2004 we met in person for the first time. With a couple of visits in between Gavin finally moved to the UK permanently on 24th April 2006 and I married my best friend and soul mate on 3rd June 2006. 

♥ I knew I'd find you one day ♥

May 11, 2012

Another baby hat

Another little hat for baby Pollyanna!

Can't wait to see if her Mummy and Daddy like them :)

I just wish I could master the little shoes/booties to match them :|

May 10, 2012

Coooooooool! Me wanty...Photobucket

Emigrating Amigurumi

I subtle 'request' from my sister-in-law...  

This is what I made...

This lil guy will be on his 
way to his new home in 
South Australia very soon 


May 8, 2012

My new addiction so far...

Here's what I have so far; more or less.

Lots of pieces for a nice big throw if nothing

How cute is this lil shoe?

This was SO fiddly to make and the best part... I have to make another one! 

I'm guessing they'll be worth it...

I almost forgot to post this one!
Kinda cute? Photobucket

May 7, 2012

LOVE this...

Surprisingly this only took me about 3½ hours to make!

May 3, 2012


No.1 (left) - Nothing exciting here.  I made a cover for my pen cup, just messing about really and passed a couple of hours in front of the T.V. just to see what I could do that didn't resemble a 'granny square'

No.2 (right) - I love amigurumi (it's the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed animals and anthropomorphic creatures. The word is derived from a combination of the Japanese words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll).  I think the creations you can make are adorable and there are no limits as to what you can do so this is a goal of mine; to create amigurumi.  This is my first attempt so it's not great but it's a learning experience :)

The beginning
The End.  Not sure exactly what it is, but it looks good! 
I'm thinking this will end up as a cushion? Watch this space!