January 12, 2013

Manners cost nothing

Well it's a hot honey and lemon tea day today. There are so many germs going around and working with the public doesn't help.  This has been coming on for a few days with various mild symptoms; so the medication has already commenced!

I'm am sometimes amazed and completely bewildered by the complete disregard that people have towards others. Adults that cough and sneeze without a thought of covering their nose and mouth; spreading their infectious germs. It's a scary epidemic when you think about it. Their parents either didn't try or just didn't try hard enough to teach them proper manners.  They will probably have children, if they haven't already, and do the same to them and so on and so on.

I grew up with the knowledge that manners cost nothing, how true.  It was also great to hear as a parent how well-mannered my own children were when they were young. Yet we suffer due to the ignorant and inconsiderate. 

Rant over. Time for work!