December 16, 2012

Diagnosis at last!

So, after approximately 25 years of back problems I finally get a diagnosis! Photobucket

I've been told it was growing pains, pregnancy strain, the result of four pregnancies, lifting wrong, needing more exercise, the work I was doing, being over weight etc... all wrong! I finally got referred to physiotherapy by a practice nurse not a doctor... and RESULT!

My left leg is 2-3 cm shorter than my right one; which was spotted within 2 minutes of my physical examination. This explains the constant pain in the lower left side of my back, my left leg and knee.

Now we can finally do something about it and ease it or hopefully get rid of it. I have a physio exercise plan to follow now and some good advice, as well as some muscle/nerve relaxant tablets from the doctor. I also have another referral with a podiatrist to see what they can do to help too.  

I feel as though a weight has been lifted in a way. Everything had always pointed to 'me'. I was the one that had to do something about my back pain if anything could be done at all! I knew it was more than that deep down, especially since I remember having back ache when I was 14!

Things can only get better now... surely!