May 18, 2012

I knew I'd find you one day ♥

How I met the love of my life...

Feb 2002 was the first time I stumbled across a little corner of the internet called Quiz 'til Eternity a.k.a. QTE.  It was a small internet community that ran quizzes in their chat room.  I'd not had the internet very long so all was very new and at times quite scary; there are some REALLY odd people out there! Anyway, I'd clicked on this and clicked on that and then poof, I was in this quiz room.  Everyone was really pleasant and greeted me like an old friend, I didn't stay long as I felt a little overwhelmed at first.
Running along side the scheduled daily quizzes ran an MSN forum where games were played, conversations took place and a generally fun place to be, to which I became quite attached.  Everyday I was there without fail! I made so many friends; more friends than I'd had in a long time and all of a sudden life was fun again.

Over the weeks and months I gelled with lots of QTE members with whom I would speak to outside of QTE via MSN Messenger.  There was Foxy Roxy (Teri) and Diamond Geezer (Dave) who were the creators of QTE. They were also a couple which I found strange at first as Teri lived in Vegas and Dave was here in the UK... I was still getting used to the whole World Wide Web thingamajig.  There was Pebbs (Alison), Rudo (Alan), Pooh (Corinne), Kika (Michelle), Daz and Persil (twins Penny and Pat) and last but definitely not least  TheSeeker (Gavin), just to name a few.

Now if someone had told me that it was possible to fall in love with someone that you had never met in person I must admit I would have been a tad sceptical.  From the end of 2003 Gavin and I spoke most days on Messenger, we had become really good friends.  By March 2004 we could barely go 12 hours without speaking to each other; by this time we were using a headset and microphone to converse and a webcam to see each other.  

OK, so we had one big wall in our way now.  Gavin was in Australia and I was here in the 'ills o' Derbyshire.  There was no way I could go over there so he had to come here, this was a decision not to be taken lightly and was rather harrowing at times and ultimately Gavin's decision. 

Then... On May 18th 2004, eight years ago today, Gavin informed me that he had made his decision to come over to England to meet me.  I was elated to say the least!! 

So May 18th is the anniversary of when our relationship became 'official'.  August 16th 2004 we met in person for the first time. With a couple of visits in between Gavin finally moved to the UK permanently on 24th April 2006 and I married my best friend and soul mate on 3rd June 2006. 

♥ I knew I'd find you one day ♥